Dear Publisher,

Now, you can receive Payments via PayPal. We have activated this feature.

Once you crossed the threshold of $5 USD; you may request anytime, and you will be receiving funds within 10-12 hrs.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

Happy Earning...


Published on: 11/11/17, 5:41 AM

Dear Publisher,

Now, you can register effortlessly as I've activated the features to send "Auto Activation Email" while registering.

If incase, you have registered previously, but did not received activation email; you may request now.

Happy Earning and Thanks for Joining!

Stay Tuned for more updates!!



Published on: 11/11/17, 4:10 AM

Dear Publisher,

We are not sending any confirmation emails currently, all the accounts will be manually approved. To get approval on our shortner, once you create your account, please drop an email to approve your account by sending an email at [email protected].

We are accepting faucets with smaller traffic, not with huge traffic currently.

Edited on 11/24/2017. We are accepting all faucets, with any traffic.. However, there visits should be legit.

We will soon open our doors for all. 

Thanks for understanding!


Published on: 11/10/17, 4:12 AM